Every Masterwork Home project begins and ends with you, our client. Constant focus on your needs and our pursuit of excellence are our fundamental principles that assure your absolute satisfaction. As a team, we will guide you through your project every step of the way…

Step 1
The first step in any home renovation or home remodel project with Masterwork Home is information gathering.
Helping you identify your personal needs, priorities, and lifestyle issues involves a visit to your home. We survey the existing conditions, inventory building, mechanical, electrical conditions and identify your needs. We develop your personal “wish list,” define project goals, and budget requirements.
Step 2
Next, we establish clear budget guidelines.
With 40 years remodeling and building experience, we form a comprehensive budget plan, covering all phases of your project. We identify specific costs in writing, prioritize needs, and detail specifications thoroughly upfront, to avoid any “hidden” costs from arising during the project. We know what it takes to do it right and our fiscal planning guarantees you “get what you pay for.”
Step 3
Then, we enter the design phase.
During this phase, we provide scaled, colored drawings of the overall floor plan including furniture and equipment placement, and traffic flow. Our talented, experienced, staff and the latest technology, will help you to visualize the design concept, to make sure we understand what you want, and you understand what you are getting.
Step 4
Next, we enter the commitment phase of your project.
Your comfort and enthusiasm with our initial design plan, our process, and our projected cost estimate, are essential prior to your making the financial commitment required to proceed to the next level of design.
Step 5
Once you approve the concept, we address the details.
This involves developing elevation drawings that accurately depict the style of your selections, enabling us to review and establish locations for furnishings and accoutrement details and other specifications, as well as to determine all finish requirements. Utilizing our extensive sample collection, we spend whatever time it takes to help you get comfortable with your selections. You are going to live with them for a long time. Our extensive planning ensures your satisfaction.
Step 6
We put together the right team of professionals to achieve the ultimate success in project planning and construction.
We are happy to work as a part of your established team. Most often we lead the process, and our clients appreciate our many well established relationships with a variety of planners, architects, and engineers, utilizing the appropriate consultants required for your project.
Step 7
Masterwork Home takes responsibility for project management and facilitation.

Our project responsibilities include specifying mechanical, electrical, lighting and construction plan details, and supervising the window, door, and appliance installation. This ensures a smooth running project, with well-coordinated deliveries, construction schedules, and project completion dates. We take this proactive position to ensure your satisfaction through the entire construction process.

We pride ourselves in meticulous attention to detail and superior workmanship throughout the installation process, utilizing only the finest craftspeople in the area.

Step 8
At Masterwork Home, we enjoy strong relationships with many experienced, nationally recognized firms; dealing only with the most reliable firms ensures your deliveries arrive on time and according to specifications.
Your project manager will remain on-site to maintain constant contact with you during construction and personally supervise your installation, to ensure your satisfaction and comfort with our progress and workmanship.
Step 9
As we near completion, we will develop a final punch list to eliminate any “loose ends” from lingering.
Every Masterwork installation includes a follow up visit one year later, to ensure our products and installations are still performing well. We will make adjustments, or do some fine tuning (no charge), because no Masterwork project is ever finished, until you are totally satisfied, even after your project is complete.